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“Optimized Workflow: Working Smarter, Not Longer” is a session tailored for educators aiming to refine their task management skills. This workshop will present a task management system tailored to the unique challenges teachers face during their workday. The session will offer insights into prioritization, workflow batching, and strategies to manage unforeseen tasks that come up throughout the workday. Participants will delve into the art of prioritization, learning how to categorize and rank tasks by urgency and importance. We will also discuss strategies for creating comprehensive but manageable to-do lists utilizing batching and time estimation techniques. The session also focuses on real-time adaptability, equipping teachers with tools to address unforeseen tasks without compromising existing priorities. Join us to learn about these techniques and revolutionize your classroom workflow for heightened efficiency and productivity. Participants will leave the session with a comprehensive to-do list created for their next day of classroom teaching along with access to all online templates that will allow them to implement this task management system immediately.