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Are your students World-Ready? …and are YOU ready to help? With the NEWLY enacted World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages comes many challenges for our World Language teachers. How do we put the NEW standards in place? How do we assess student progress?

These standards mean Illinois teachers must base their curricula on the NEW framework. While many of us are familiar with the communication part of the standards, the standards now include a wider variety of learning with the OTHER four C’s (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparison, and Communities).

During this workshop, participants will:
*Explore ALL aspects of the standards, including a wide variety of supporting documents
*Examine the curricular impact of the NEW World-Readiness Standards (W-RS) on the classroom,
*Explore some model curricula
*Use collaboration time to work on your own curricula

Along with becoming familiar with the W-RS and determining a pathway toward implementation, participants will explore activities that support language acquisition and discuss issues such as, the role of proficiency in the language classroom.

All participants will be served a catered lunch.