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A nationally recognized specialist in classroom management and youth character development, Jim Kestner will present practical, hands-on strategies to address unique challenges for building bridges that empower your students to overcome barriers from traumatic environments and circumstances to find empathy, acceptance, predictability, and hope through their time in your class. Specifically, the session will address the following:

* Understanding the science of trauma

* Compelling students to pursue character-based discipline as a tool for overcoming trauma

* Facilitating student interpersonal communication, collaboration, and problem solving

* Addressing confrontational student situations

* Maintaining consistency in exceptional circumstances

* Accounting for trauma in everyday classroom policies

* Establishing a safe, trusting classroom environment

* Teaching self-respect as a strategy for surviving long-term traumatic environments

* Encouraging open communication

* Adapting the physical environment to promote safety and success

* Helping students set and achieve goals for managing uncertainty in their lives

* Addressing changes in parent and custodial relationships

A catered lunch will be provided to participants.