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For those who have attended Emotional Poverty 1, join us for Emotional Poverty 2! This training will:

  1. Provide educators tools to read the emotional body language of students.
  2. Provide strategies for regulation of behavior from the prefrontal cortex.
  3. Identify key issues in the brain development of adolescents.
  4. Understand the hippocampus and its creation of stories that guide behavior and identity.
  5. Learn strategies to reduce adult stress and compassion fatigue.
  6. Use a brain-based approach to the emotional realities of parents and parenting.

Emotional Poverty 2 adds to the discussion by looking at:

  • How the limbic system “tells” emotions and stressors.
  • The development of adolescent brains.
  • How to develop the prefrontal cortex and build emotional muscle (resilience) in students.
  • Tools for adults who are stressed and have compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress.
  • How to work with angry, emotional parents and adults.

This workshop is for practitioners. It is for individuals who work with children and adolescents and need a vocabulary and strategies for addressing emotional issues.  This trainings will give educators and other care providers the basic language for naming the emotional issues and provide strategies to address the behaviors.

This event will include a catered lunch! Don’t forget to register early to save your seat. Seating is limited!