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By high school, students identify themselves as readers or as non-readers; not that they cannot read, but that they don’t like to read and will avoid reading. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2010), 1.7 million college freshmen must take remedial literacy classes; that statistic does not reflect the number of students who don’t continue to post secondary education.

Reading is an important life skill for both academics and career. We need to encourage students to read, to read more, and to persist even if they aren’t the fastest bibliophile. Combining the work of Berit Gordon, Penny Kittle, and Mary Styslinger, along with others, this workshop will share ways to teach, review, and reinforce reading well rather than reading for all details that could be Googled at any time.

Two different units will be shared: one combining canon literature with choice reading; one using book groups as a culmination of the school year.