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Jim Kestner will introduce a ground-breaking curriculum, the Writers’ Workshop Wayfarer Challenge. Writing instruction from Kestner’s more than 30 years experience as a dynamic speaker brings workshop participants a series of videos and web links that teach writing skills, freeing teachers to spend time focused on students’ individual needs. Featuring video vignettes and the option of an incentives-based, game-like interface, middle and high school English teachers will discover how to harness the power of avatars and individual-based skill progression to shatter barriers and generate excitement in students as they gain ever greater writing proficiency along a virtual expedition to climb Mt. Everest. Every participant receives a free Writers’ Workshop Wayfarer Challenge curriculum and implementation guide!

Check out these exciting features:

  • A series of 17 self paced writing challenges adaptable to time frames ranging from a few units to an entire school year
  • Real potential for students who need extra time a chance to master skills while simultaneously propelling gifted students to pursue advanced concepts that typically lie beyond the time available during the school year
  • Instruction on customizing the curriculum to a variety of settings and applications
  • Data collection and reporting mechanisms
  • ELA standards-aligned curriculum for grades 6-12
  • Video vignettes featuring Alan Arnette, a world class Everest mountaineer and expedition guide
  • Web-based data and leaderboards for teachers who decide to gamify the program
  • Easily adaptable for remote learners

A catered lunch will be included with this presentation.