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Celebrate staying healthy (or getting healthy) by attending this workshop with Mary Liz Wright, Nutrition and Wellness Educator with Illinois Extension.

This workshop will cover a series of topics:

  • Eating for Cognitive Health: Dementia does not have to be inevitable. Learn what to eat to delay cognitive decline. It is easier than you think!
  • Mindful Eating: One of the saboteurs of a healthy diet is mindless eating — in the car, over the sink, in front of the television — we have all done it. Learn the art of eating and enjoy every bite!
  • Rethink Your Drink: Did you know that beverages are a significant source of calories and added sugar? This lesson will increase your understanding of the calorie and sugar content of popular beverages and help you recognize how your daily beverage choices may be making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. We will help you identify healthier beverage choices.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle that Lasts: If you’re embarking on a healthier lifestyle, this workshop is for you. Get updates on the latest dietary recommendations and how to make small changes over time. Come learn how to arm yourself with the skills you need and find out the best behavioral strategies for making lasting changes in your health.

This event will include a catered lunch.