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ROE #11 is excited to continue to provide the new digital StarLab planetarium that can be checked out free of charge by a certified educator or staff . The 6 meter StarLab is a portable, wheelchair accessible planetarium that has a capacity of 30 to 35 persons. Students will be immersed in a truly unique and interactive experience, and explore how fascinating learning about our shared existence can be.

The morning portion of this training will include initial set up procedures, unrolling the dome, inflating the dome, projector presentation set up, entry and exit procedures, and sample lessons once in the dome. The afternoon will be spent packing up the dome and covering topics like classroom management, tips and trips, etc.  Any school district wishing to check out the StarLab will be required to send a representative to this training to become certified (re-certification every 3 years). If you have already been certified, you are welcome to come back for a refresher course before renting again for the new school year.

The digital experience elevates education for a wide variety of content standards, including: social science, language arts, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Specific lessons are available on a wide selection of topics, including (but not limited to): Geography, Science (cell structure), Astronomy (celestial coordinates, night sky, constellations, solar eclipses, Native American mythology, and Greek mythology), Meteorology (plate tectonics, ocean currents, and wind patterns)

A catered lunch will be provided during this event.

Initial training: $165.00

Refresher Course: $25.00