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Jim Kestner, nationally recognized for his youth character development programs, will present practical, hands-on strategies for implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards that help you prepare students for success in the real world through activities and perspectives that won’t require you to devote unrealistic amounts of time. The session will provide opportunities for you to identify topics most relevant to your circumstances. Here’s a sample of issues we will address:

* Connecting the SEL Standards to your current curriculum

* Empowering students to overcome setbacks that threaten their success

* Equipping students with practical strategies to navigate complex interpersonal interactions

* Improving students’ conflict management skills

* Teaching real methods for making good decisions

* Establishing methods for making individual students accountable for group success

* Teaching perspective taking as a means of enhancing student empathy

* Identifying perspectives for healthy and unhealthy tolerance

* Coping with differences that impact opportunity and fairness (appearance, means, ability, status, etc.)

* Engaging students in meaningful processes for addressing negative behaviors and attitudes

Catered lunch included in the day!