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During this professional learning community, middle school science educators (Grades 5-8) will gather to discuss the following topics:

Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s) for Teacher Evaluations:
** How do educators develop these?
** How can these be made more efficient?
** Share examples of SLO’s used in the past
Must have projects
** What are things that you make sure aren’t cut out?
** What technology resources are you using in your classroom?
** What resources have you found work well with specific curriculum/units?

Attendees from the June 2019 workshop in partnership with the University of Illinois will also be sharing information learned.

This is a FREE event! Educators will receive 3 hours of Professional Development Credit for attending.

Educators who are traveling over their lunch hour are welcome to bring in their food to this session. ROE #11 will have refreshments and snacks available.