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As a long time educator and a successful teacher and administrator, Stacy Mesnard has had a lot of experiences with students’ parents.  During this workshop, she will discuss all types of parents we can encounter on parent teacher conference day (and really any day) – the helicopter parent, the worried parent, the angry parent, the defensive parent, the co-parenting parent, the uneducated parent, and so many more! She will have short anecdotes that relate to each topic and an arsenal of tips to navigate these parental interactions. Additionally, she will give detailed tips on how best to prepare for parent teacher conferences in general – the communication that goes home to schedule them, the data that needs to be collected and  considered prior to them, and the topics that need to be discussed at them.  Stacy provides numerous examples of types of parent teacher conference notes, appointment schedules, assessment/progress rubrics, and checklists. She will also explain how she prepares parents to be field trip chaperones, PTO volunteers, as well as class party volunteers.