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Just one well-chosen book can supply a week or more of lessons for a classroom!

  • Reading the book will include the 5 Components of Reading.
  • Phonemic Awareness/Phonics (depending on the grade level)
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary (all 3 tiers)
  • Comprehension – in any content, using several different strategies
  • Art, Physical Education, Math, Social Studies, Science and any others – all these contents students must be able to comprehend content in order to complete mastery.
  • Choice of the book will add lessons in content background knowledge, too. Using science, social studies, health, math, physical education, art, and music material will broaden student’s background knowledge that will support them throughout their K-12 experience.
  • Differentiation can play into your lessons easily.

This training will take you through how to use a single book and fill the week with purposeful, authentic lessons.

This training will take place from October 10th through November 18th but is work-at-your-own-pace. Participants will be emailed the training via a PowerPoint and will be expected to complete tasks and submit via email to Barb Preston for feedback. Directions will be included in confirmation emails.