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Make & Take

Have a favorite center? Bring items or pictures for “show and tell”. We’ll all share our best center ideas and enjoy a hands-on session making some cool things to take back and use right away. It’s the next-best thing to visiting others’ classrooms.

Inter-rater Reliability

How do you know that you and your colleagues rate students similiarly, using KIDS? This activity provides teachers with the opportunity to consult coaches, network with colleagues, and review, reflect upon, and analyze KIDS evidence collected throughout the 40-day observation period. By bringing examples of  your documentation and evidence, the goal of this session is to promote stronger inter-rater reliability among groups of teachers regionally.

ED Camp

The nature of Ed Camp is that there is no planned presentation. Participants generate topics at the start of the session, and the most popular choices will be facilitated by KIDS coaches. This is an opportunity for participants to chat with teachers from other districts to share ideas and get feedback on topics of interest.

Free Choice 2.0

How can we allow play and still meet all the rigorous learning standards? We’ve all heard that question or even asked it ourselves. This session will provide that answer by walking through some tried and true play centers and explicitly trying student choice activities to standards and KIDS measures. Get ready to think outside the box!

KIDS WILL RAFFLE OFF THE CENTERS USED AT THE END!!  All participants will also receive a copy of the book Serious Fun.

Please visit this link to register for this opportunity: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbG8yTzfyz9XWgG8o9guZqKFn9V_beBxTPxkpow8T56wFTsw/viewform

Select ROE #11 on November 4th.