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This five-day IMSE Intermediate course is a hands-on, interactive, and personalized class that focuses on the importance of a Structured Literacy program. After participating in this training, teachers will have an awareness of how to assess and teach students in all three levels of RTI including those with dyslexia. The Intermediate Training is ideal for those teaching in 3rd – 5th grade general education, 4th – 12th grade remedial and special education, alternative high schools, juvenile correctional or group home youths, or adult learners. This training will focus on advanced skills for mature learners who require foundational skills, assessment, dictation of words and sentences, advanced spelling rules, decoding and encoding of all syllable types, morphology, and content area vocabulary strategies.

Participants are expected to complete all 5 days of the training. There will only be 19 seats available for this course and preference is given to ROE #11 educators. Participants will be released each day for 1 hour for lunch.

**** CANCELLATION **** Cancellation of registration must be received by November 8th or the participant will be responsible for the full registration fee.