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Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Nurses, and Healthcare workers are facing new challenges as consumers are expressing frustration to frontline workers. These are the people who answer the phone,  try to respond or direct a call, or place the call to deliver a difficult message that may literally impact the lives of an entire family.  Anxious parents are dealing with new school environments that are changing and impacting their routines and livelihood.  They may express their frustrations in a calm adult problem solving manner or revert to a behavioral style that is not as positive when they perceive their needs are not being met.  This workshop takes proven ideas from research and weaves them into practical activities that provide school staff with the tools needed for successful communication with others, especially when confronted with difficult situations.  This action-packed workshop will help participants understand how their words, tone, and body language affect their communication with others using videos, role plays, and small group activities.  Most importantly, participants will learn how to understand their own behavioral style when they are under stress and become familiar with what they can do to change the way they approach a confrontational individual. This is a highly interactive session with practical suggestions for immediate application.