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We are all unique learners.  Knowing that differentiation is important to ALL student learning, differentiation in the Tier One Classroom is necessary.  It should flow K-12 in the Tier One Classrooms with grade level to grade level instruction, practice, and mastery.  Using pre and formative assessment will inform the planning and implementing the lesson.   This does not have to be time-consuming and extra work.  Differentiation is just a new way of planning for all students to be successful.

  • Choosing Content (What is used to bring information),
  • Process (How we teach information and how students practice it),
  • Product (How students show mastery of the content),
  • Learning Environment (How students feel and what they need in the environment as they are learning) are the four ways to differentiate.

Each of these four ways are inside the training with strategies and ideas to implement. Come, interact, and enjoy four hours with peers.  Differentiation is the way to reach ALL students.

Catered lunch included!