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Increasing numbers of students across the country are struggling with positive ways to deal with the stresses and trauma in their lives. This trauma and stress (unrelated to school) make it difficult for our students to learn.Those struggling with stress and trauma have trouble feeling and relating with basic emotions.

iBAM or Integrating Breathing & Movement provides students with ways to self-regulate, control and focus the mind, and move our bodies focusing on both the left and the right brain. Taking as little as 3-5 minutes of time to allow the students to feel their breath and move (in a seated or standing position) can benefit them and reduce negative behavior within the classroom. iBAM was designed with the Social and Emotional Learning Standards in mind.

Participants will:
– Understand the neuroscience of trauma, stress, the symptoms, and how it affects learning and behavior of students
– Learn a variety of yoga (breathing and movement) sequences that support self-awareness, self-regulation, and social and emotional learning.
– Improve classroom management that helps create a productive and relaxed learning environment.
– Correlate basic yoga poses and breathing with social emotional learning standards.
– Be provided a packet of sequences for use in their classroom

The fee for this event is $30.00.